FIFA 21 Confirmed Card Types


One's To Watch cards, first introduced in FIFA 17, are dynamic cards that are awarded to high profile, transferred players from the previous transfer window.

A One's To Watch card is unique because it upgrades based on real-life performance. If the player with the One's To Watch item is awarded a Team Of The Week, Man Of The Match, or Performance based upgrade card, the One's To Watch will also upgrade.

Premier League Player of the Month (POTM) cards are voted on by the community and awarded to the best player every month in the English Premier League.

This card is released as an Squad Builder Challenge (SBC), meaning that you can trade player in your club and complete squad building tasks to obtain this card.


FUT Champs Player Picks are rewarded each Thursday with FUT Champs rewards. These are given within player pick packs, these are packs where users are given an option of multiple random players and the users can choose one.

FUT Champs cards are given to players who are currently involved in special teams, such as Team of the Week, and promos, such as Team of the Season.


Storyline cards are rewards that are given for levelling up in Seasons on FUT. These cards are chosen randomly and aren't performance-based. They receive a small upgrade at the start of the game and in later seasons, they upgrade card drastically.


Rulebreaker got first introduced in FIFA 21 and has replaced Scream Cards from previous FIFA's. These cards are not dynamic but sure are special.

They have upgraded stats, but some stats are mixed around, so for example for Pogba, PAS stat is now lower on the rulebreaker card if you compare it to the base card but instead, he got an insane boost on DEF stats.