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FIFA 21 Trading | Club Stock Method

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Club Stock Method

Although at first sight trading might seem to be very hard to learn and master, it’s really not all that complicated with the right help, that’s why I have written this specific guide to help you on your way to becoming an experienced trader to make your very own FIFA coins.

Although the game changes every year in different ways, the general aspect remains the same and thus we can anticipate certain things by looking back at our own experience from past years, you might be thinking: “I just started getting into FIFA trading and/or FIFA in the first place, I have nothing to reflect or look back on and thus no chance at making coins.” Fear not, we do have that necessary experience and are here to explain to you step by step how and why certain things like the Club stock method (CSM) work.

In trading, not particularly excluded to only Fifa, there is one general factor that affects profit and loss, being: time.

Time is something that can not be influenced during the games cycle, however, it can be used to your advantage. The golden rule for that reason at this subject is: The earlier the better. Now don’t hold on to that rule as hard as you can because its not of use in every scenario imaginable, it's a rough guideline to keep in the back of your head to remind you that “Those who come first eat first.”

Now let’s not get off too fast because some of you might think: ‘what the 🦆 is a club-stock?’, A club stock literally means you stock something up into your FUT club, to keep a hold of when the times is right to sell. Because as you might know in FIFA 21 you have a transfer list that is limited to 100 spots and 100 only. For this reason, you want to be as efficient with this space as possible, which is why the CSM is so effective. Because as long as you only buy 1 item of a certain card, it does not take up any space in your club whatsoever and is waiting there to be sold when you are satisfied with the amount of profit.

With new features such as Co-Op FIFA Ultimate Team being introduced into FIFA 21, keeping up to date with the latest trading methods is more important than ever! You don't want to be left in the dust by your mates!

FIFA 21's New UI

How and why it works.

This method almost only applies to cards mainly used in SBC’s, also known as a ‘Fodder’.

As said earlier the general factor for this method is time, when fodder is used in SBC’s while the supply is cut, the rarity of that item will increase as the demand remains, but the supply goes down, thus increasing his price. (Remember: Higher demand means a higher price)

The steps in practice:

Every time a new TOTW is released we check out and note down the players that we think qualify as a fodder, these are the players we are going to be buying. Keep in mind; some TOTW’s are better than others in terms of fodder cards.

In week 1 when TOTW 1 is released, you buy at least 1 of each fodder card that is in that week’s TOTW.

You then keep these fodder cards for approximately 3 weeks, by then the supply has been dry for a good amount of time, depending on the content we see a rise in demand and thus a nice profit to sell our cards for.

In week 2 you buy 1 of each of the fodder cards from TOTW 2.

In week 3 you buy 1 of each of the fodder cards from TOTW 3.

Week 4 is when the ball (and money) is starting to roll, As said earlier this is the week where we will sell the fodder cards bought in week 1 for a good amount of profit. We then buy 1 of each of the fodder cards from TOTW 4.

In week 5 we repeat the same routine and by now its become a habit, you know what cards to look for and are sitting on a good amount of profit you made.

The specifics of the club stock method in FIFA 21 trading

When exactly do I buy said fodder cards?

I hope you kept reading because those of you who read precisely now know that supply and demand affect the price of a card, so don’t go buying fodder cards at the first day of the TOTW being released, the prices are way too high at that moment. The low-points for TOTW cards are usually during the Squad Battle rewards on Sunday night / Monday morning.

This is the usual buy-time for the fodder cards, keep in mind that certain things can affect this such as lightning rounds: promotion packs being released by EA, increasing the supply on the market, and thus driving down the price of cards in packs.

When exactly do I sell said fodder cards?

As noted in the scheme the general selling time is after 3 weeks of holding the fodder cards, however, if you are happy with the profit you are making and see a better investing opportunity, you are free to sell your cards earlier than the said 3 weeks.

Can I buy more than just one item per card?

Yes, you are free to buy more but do keep in mind that if you are relatively tight on transfer-list spaces and/or budget, that you might be better off doing general-trading and leaving the spots and coins open for that. Also, keep in mind that buying more of the same fodder cards puts more consequence to a scenario where the investment doesn’t pay out as much as you hoped it would.

How do I identify fodder cards myself?

Generally speaking, TOTW fodder cards are TOTW cards with a rating of 80 or higher, that favorably plays in a top 5 league and/or nation. If you still have questions regarding who is and isn’t a fodder card in a specific TOTW, don’t hesitate to ask. Co-Op objectives are also being added in FIFA 21, meaning trading with your friends and understanding each others needs and squads is vital!

FIFA 21 Co-Op Objectives UI

All that being said you are all set to jump-in on this method and use it to your advantage for making good coins every week. For answers to any of your questions related to this article be sure to ask in our FIFA 21 Discord or visit our Contact Us Page! If you want to find out how to trade in FIFA 21, check out our FIFA 21 Trading Guide - 0 Coins - 1,000,000+! To find out more about FIFA 21, check out our blog where we reveal FIFA 21's new gameplay features!

I hope you had a great read and now fully understand the method I explained in this guide,

Log1c, Co-founder of the FUT & CHILL community.

This guide is courtesy of the FUT & CHILL Staff and can not be copied or used without permission from the FUT & CHILL team.

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