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FIFA 21 Trading Guide - 0 Coins to 1,000,000+!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

With FIFA 21 quickly approaching, learning how to trade with our FIFA 21 Trading Guide, using fifa coins and no fifa points, is important! In this guide we'll be teaching you how to trade from 0 coins to 1,000,000+! Note that these tips work in FIFA 20 as well and is based off the knowledge we have from FIFA 20! Once FIFA 21 releases, we will be releasing an updated guide, if you are reading this after the release of FIFA 21, check out our latest blogs! If you want daily trading tips, sniping filters and squad help, check out our FIFA 21 Trading Discord or visit our other Blogs!

From 0 - 10,000

In this stage of fifa you are most likely finding ways to make coins quickly without spending any amount of real Money. Well fear not this short yet useful Starting guide is made to help you through those tough starting weeks until you can make some cold hard fifa cash. BPM. A term used so often yet what is it? Well Bronze Pack Method can help you pull through those starting weeks. You may be wondering how does it work? Well when you buy the pack for 400 coins you immediately make profit.

You receive players if one is rare they may be worth anywhere from 200 coins all the way to 3k coins. Whilst this method is slow it is rewarding for the starting days of fifa. The rest should be listed for 200-400 coins. As mentioned earlier, this method is one of those which will require a high amount of patience to Effectively maneuver. This can produce gold in days or even minutes Patience is a virtue and this will allow you to kick off your new fifa trading career.

While continuing this Process if you feel as though BPM Is too slow or not as effective you want you can try these low budget filters:

-Non Rare Gold (Top 5 Leagues) LB/RB for 400 coins

-Silver (Top 5 leagues) for 200-400 coins

-Non rare golds mass bid for 300 coins

An Example Of Profit that could be made from the sniping filter:

As you can see if you bidded 400 coins or snipped him for 400 coins you would get a 450/600/300 return rate above your original investment. The more you use the Filter, The higher the amount of profit you can make.

Screenshot from Futbin

From 10,000 - 100,000

So you made enough coins where you feel it’s time to take it to the next step. But you still are unsure or a bit confused on how to make that jump from 10,000 to 20,000+. Well fear not for we have the solution. Sniping has continuously been a great form of Income. Sniping is simple if you know what you're doing. Let’s say you put 8k to sniping, you can do a filter such as Shadow Gold Defender 1k and find good players from the top 5 leagues.

Lazy Sellers will list them for a bargain of a price or even discard price so keep your eyes peeled. The great thing about sniping is that it can be used at any stage of fifa From the beginning all the way to the End stage of fifa. But be cautious when sniping for while it does seem an easy choice, sometimes it may be long or Tiring so make sure to not Overdo a certain filter.

Some good filters to Use: (Sell based on how much the filter is going for normally.)

Gold Defender Shadow 1-1.2k Gold hunter attacker (top 5 leagues) 1-1.2k Silver LB/RB top 5 leagues 500-600 coins Silver ST Top 5 leagues 250-500 coins Gold premier League 350 coins Gold Spanish prem 400 coins Rare Gold English La Liga 700 coins-750 coins

Here’s another Example of a key player for upcoming events.

He still gives profit even if it’s small. Remember that the more you Trade the higher the profits will become.

From 100,000 to 500,000

This the jump you are waiting for. From your 100,000 to the halfway mark 500,000. You want to make that money but feel that you're being restrained to smaller profit and feel it’s time to go for the big guns. Well we have just the Trading technique for you. Icon Trading. Arguably one of the harder trading methods but once fully understood can provide a hefty amount of profit. You may be thinking “How do I even start?” The first step to icon trading is Research. You need to know the trend and how it is formed with Icons.

You need to learn the Graph of your Icon. This will allow you to gain an advantage to see when your icon will Deplete in price and increase in price to maximise profits. Once you have done enough research and seen a general trend, go to the transfer market. If you see an overpriced one, wait for a cheaper one to pop up, as it will allow you to generate a profit. The next step to Icon trading is viewing. You may be asking what I mean by viewing. Well in The fifa market the icon market remains unpredictable. By viewing the market you can see and (using your Knowledge from graphs) make a Judgement to whether or not you would desire to buy the icon for a profit.

Key Point to remember: When you're buying an icon make sure when you are selling for a profit, the Tax doesn’t mess up the Profits. While the Icon can look appealing or a bargain, tax can leave you with a loss. Before you buy the icon minus 5% from it and check that you won’t lose more than you would gain. This short and easy procedure will allow you to maximise the profit you make from icon flipping whilst making sure you always make a profit.

From 500,000-1,000,000

So you have confidently made half a mil. But you want the big ones. You want the mil. Worry not for we can provide you with that boost to get to that goal. Icon flipping should be able to help you reach most of it but you may be thinking. “How much can I make for the same amount of time” Well this is where the market starts to get slightly more complicated. In this region of time, you want to maximise profits so you look at the more Major SBC’s Requirements.

For example is an SBC comes out and one of the requirements was an 87 squad. This will see the increase of players like Busquets, Kroos and Navas (And other high rated, cheaper player). You might be asking “why?” The reason being they are not seen as ‘Meta’ therefore less people will use those types of players. However this leaves a gateway for higher rated players to weaken in price. When higher rates are low in price, Investments should be made. THis will allow the Breakthrough of heavy profit to be made. The profit will allow you to invest in more high rated players while they are at a depleted price.

After you buy these players for low prices wait for a sbc requiring a high rating. This is when the prices for the high rated players will shoot up and inflate. This will be due to the high demand whilst also having a low supply as high rated players are more uncommon to pack. When looking for a high rated player to buy, always look for a good league to link into.

For Example Bernardo Silva is from Manchester City (Premier League) and is Portuguese. This means he can link to other premier League high rated players, such as Aguero and De Bruyne whilst also linking to Portuguese High rated, like Bruno Fernandez. This will allow him to shoot up as his pace makes him seen as ‘Non Meta’ Using this type of trading, you’ll be easily able to make that final leap to a million coins.

Inflated Bernardo Silva, due to an SBC.


So you made it all the way to a million plus. Congratulations you are able to buy players you first thought were impossible to reach. From here on out if you decide you want to keep trading then you can keep trading using the procedures provided previously. Another thing you can do is buy a team you like, and then use the Guide to remake that one million coins!

Trading from here on out will be mainly filled with the larger coin Methods we provided in the different Coin ranges. At this stage of the FIFA 21 you are aiming to do more icon flipping to keep the supply. The Flipping will allow you to capitalise on Easy profit and now that you have more coins, you can flip more expensive icons for a higher Profit. Investing works very well with a higher budget as it gives you more room for Work. The limit of not having coins disappears.

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